VR Automotive - a success story

  • 05/2004      Foundation by the shareholders, Mr Andreas Schmidt (Dipl.-Jur.),
                           Siegmar Kreutzer (Dipl.-Ing.) and Ms Marlou Kreutzer-Simons
  • 11/2005      Start of the first VR series seal SAB 12.20.07-M54
  • 01/2007      Additional customers acquired in the automotive industry
  • 01/2009      Start of the production of VR seal SAB 12.20.07-V52M that has been further developed
  • 01/2010      Expansion of the R & D department with new test stands and a measuring laboratory
  • 02/2010      Further types of seals for 8 mm shafts and 16 mm shafts enter series production
  • 01/2012      Doubling of the production capacities through the construction of a new production hall
  • 05/2012      Sealing solutions for the dynamic sealing of screw compressors
  • 11/2012      Sealing solutions for TMM/KFM cooling modules
  • 04/2013      Start of series production of the V5PF family of seals
  • 01/2014      Series maturity of highly efficient climate compressing systems for chemical refrigerants and CO2 applications
  • 05/2015      Project launch of the V1PF family of seals
  • 11/2015      10 year company anniversary
  • 04/2016      Successful ISO TS 16949 certification

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